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It is the most planted variety in the world.

– The variety airen, gives pale yellow musts. If the wines are elaborated with care they maintain the green reflections.

– Their musts and young wines have fruity aromas of medium intensity, with certain notes of ripe fruit.

– Its secondary aromas, after its initial evolution, are reminiscent of bananas and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, but maintaining very fresh vegetable aromas.

– The wines are generally not very complex.

– It produces some low aromatic wines of low acidity of pale yellow color and with body. It is a very neutral variety and therefore it is used for mixed wines.

– At the moment they begin to elaborate the first monovarietals of this variety.

– Variety with few aromas, but which are enhanced by cold-making and controlling fermentation, achieving interesting aromas of grass and green fruit.

– With very little acidity and good alcohol content.

If you have an interesting wine, you can present it to the Airenes contest around the world.