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It is the most widespread grape variety in the world along with Cabernet Sauvignon.

The grape has its origin in the south-west of France. It is the most used in its original area. Bourdeaux. Traditionally it has also been cultivated in Italy.

Not only is it majority in these areas, but because of its fame, has spread worldwide and today is one of the most planted in the world, Austalia, America (Chile, Argentina, California) and of course in Eastern Europe and Spain in particular. in our country you will find, above all, in La Mancha, Huesca, Cataluña and Navarra and you are starting to plant in the south, Andalucia.
– With very intense and dark color.
– Their musts have a lot of sugar content and are not very acidic.

– It is a very suitable variety for the elaboration of young wines.
– Gives a complete, round, body, relatively alcoholic and low-acid wine.

– It has No elevated tannin content and is very soft, with aromas of plums and flowers like roses.
– Easy-to-drink wines that do not need a lot of time in barrel to show their potential.
– Also reminiscent of spices such as cassia, ripe olives and baked bread and even fruit confectionery.

– Its wine made in coupage with other varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon enhances the qualities of the two.

– Intense complex and elegant Aroma. It is a wine with class and one of the best valued world-wide.