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The clusters and berries are small, so it has a very high qualitative potential, which allows to elaborate from dry white wines, effervescent chardonnay wines, to liqueur wines.

– Vendimiada precociously has little body and enough acidity which makes it suitable for excellent champagnes.

– It produces very interesting monovarietal wines, powerful, fruity and high acidity.

– It is suitable for conservation in oak. You can make reserve wines. In aging, it is aromatized very well with oak and takes quite a body.

If it ripens properly, its aromas are reminiscent of those of freshly baked pastries, bread, butter and hazelnuts.

– If the musts are green, their wines are too acidic and with tropical pineapple aromas.

– Base of whites that age well, fruity when young and that soon acquire spicy aromas and specifically vanilla.

– Soft with scent of butter, sweet and pleasant, with little acidity.