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Wine is a drink that never goes out of fashion and, year after year, continues to break its own records. However, if you are the lucky owner of one of the many wine shops in the country, you may have overlooked a number of factors that are essential to the success of your business. The importance of wine tourism Anyone who enters your establishment does so either to buy a wine or to get advice on a particular one. This way of thinking is right, but what about the tourists who visit your city? Selling them the best is an alternative, although perhaps it would be more appropriate to let

Wine tourism is a fun and new way to visit interesting places. In addition, we hope that wine and vineyard enthusiasts will increasingly follow this wine tourism. 10 essential destinations to enjoy wine and vineyards Below we detail several places to carry out this type of tourism both in Europe and outside. Wine tourism in Europe First of all, it is essential that you get to know the Loire Valley along with its castles and vineyards. This region, besides having impressive landscapes, enjoys great popularity for being the creator of some of the best white wines on the market, such as sauvignon blanc, Sancerre and Muscadet. Continuing on the European continent, we must

Wine is one of the oldest drinks and continues to expand today. If you like this spirit, you will surely be interested in its history, something more about the professionals working in the sector and what the future holds for this product. Read on because we're telling you. 1. History of wine This drink has always played a key role in accompanying multiple cultures throughout history. It can be traced in the texts to Ancient Greece, and even to the Egypt of the Pharaohs. It is not necessary to tell you that it comes from grapes and that it ferments thanks to the action of the yeasts found on the skin